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One of the most well-respected and established center stone companies in the industry, John Buechner is the go-to whenever a small independant is looking for a one-of-a-kind, important gemstone.  Based in Chicago, the company is strategically located between New York and Los Angeles, with retailer accounts across the U.S.  The majority of their business is finished pieces, as they feel that mounting the stones in classic settings is the best way for customers to appreciate their beauty and rarity. -Platinum Guild International




Images by John Buechner.

John Buechner provides:


Important Jewelry

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

Innovative Designs

Exceptional Jewelry Suites

Classic Estate Pieces

Purveyors of One-of-a-Kind Jewelry




Stunning lengths

Layered stunning styles, lengths to suite, make a statement with John Buechner. Custom diamonds and precious gems of all shapes and sizes for every unique vision.


exquisite color

Make a style statement with a bangle, cuff, tennis, bead, charm. With a wide breadth of unique designs, John Buechner will find the exact vision to suite your specific need and statement.



Stunning gems to suite

Stunning color and unique shapes, custom made designs for every occasion to make just the right statement.


custom visions come to life

John Buechner will make your delicate experience as seamless and precise as your vision dictates. John Buechner makes your experience a lasting memory.



Please visit us in Las Vegas at our "Wonderful World of Color" located in the Beautiful Prestige Pavilion of Luxury, Salon P-41.  

We encourage appointments for our 10 Equal Monthly Payment and Even Exchange Program.